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Only real players have the marvelous dexterity to balance on one foot - incredibly off-balance! OK, I'm ready...Wait, I wasn't ready! C'mon, you overgrown lemon. I can wait all day! Hooooold it. I'm a little too far from the net... Much better, now. OK, let'er rip! Man, that was a fast serve. Did anyone see the ball? Underarm serves? Pah! Check out my underleg returns - Man, I love that music! Can anyone help me get this stupid ball out of the tree?...or is that an apple? Boys, when you get to be as good as I am, you too can have tennis balls falling out of your this! Fore! Oh, jolly good game, this golf, what! Batter up, pitcher signals, bases are loaded... Oh, man, I should'a been taller! OK, who's the smartiepants who swallowed the ball? 42, blue, red, hut hut! OK, kids, you think you're so hot....I'll take you all on! Hey, I meant one at a time - Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! But it was all worth it when it came to award night!